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AAC is committed to informing Athabaskan peoples about international issues. Our long-term plan, funding permitting, is to significantly increase our communications to both Athabaskan peoples and to governments whose decisions impact upon our rights and interests. At present we prepare a newsletter once or twice per year which summarizes our activities. We intend to increase the number and length of these newsletters. All of AAC's newsletters are posted on our web site, but we also mail it to those who want to receive a hard copy. So, please let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive our newsletter.

Winter 2015: AAC Looks Back Over Annual Events Attended

Summer 2014: AAC and the Commission on Environmental Cooperation

Summer 2011: AAC attends the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting 2011 in Nuuk, Greenland

Summer 2010: Yukoners meet with Siberians to Explore Connections

Summer 2009: Kyoto Protocol, Post 2012 and the UNFCCC

Summer 2008: Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment and Scenarios

Spring 2008: $1.8 Million to Build Resilient Arctic Communities

Winter 2007: Arctic Athabaskan Council Background

Spring 2007: Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials Meeting 2007 - Tromsø, Norway

Fall 2006: Inside the Arctic Council Ministerial 2006 - Salekhard, Russia

Spring 2006: Arctic Leaders Summit, K’atlodeeche Summit - Hay River

Summer 2005: Oil and Gas Workshop - Whitehorse

Spring 2005: CBD Access and Benefit Sharing Workshop

Fall 2004: AMAP and CAFF Working Group Update

Arctic Athabaskan Council


Arctic Athabaskan Council
300 Range Rd, PO Box 39
Whitehorse STN C S C
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5X9
Phone: +1 867 335 6030

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